It is the mission of the Town of Chenango Highway Department to ensure that all of our residents, visitors, business owners and the general traveling public have access to safe and travelable roadways.


Highway Superintendent

Derin Kraack

Phone: (607) 648-4809 Option 2
Fax: (607) 648-9192
E-mail: highway@townofchenango.com

Secretary to the Highway Superintendent

Joy Kasmarcik

Phone: (607) 648-4809 Option 2
Fax: (607) 648-9192
E-mail: highway@townofchenango.com


Todd Klubek

Phone: (607) 648-4809 Option 2
E-mail: highwaymechanic@townofchenango.com


Yardwaste Program

The yardwaste program starts on the 1st Monday of April. Click Here for rules and regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the yardwaste program begin and how long does it go on?
The yardwaste program begins around the 1st Monday of April (weather permitting) and ends on the last Monday of October.

What if Monday is a holiday?
The highway department will collect yardwaste on the following workday following a holiday.

yard waste in garbage cans on the curbWhy wasn’t my yardwaste picked up?
There could be several reasons your yardwaste was not picked up.

  • Yardwaste was heavy and we could not complete the route in one day, we will be back tomorrow
  • The lid was on the can
  • The can was too heavy
  • You used a can with a lid or a recycling bin
  • It’s not yardwaste, it’s chipping and a different truck will be by later
  • Weather related emergencies


Were the lids left on your cans or where the bags tied?
The highway department will not stop and check to see if it is household garbage or yardwaste.

What kind of yardwaste is it?
If it is branches then it is most likely a chipping pile and we chip that up separately from canned yard waste. It often takes up to 2 days to service the entire town.

two black garbage bags of yard waste

It’s raining, should I put the lids on anyway?
No, we understand that rain causes the garbage cans to be heavier, but we still hold to the policy of open containers.

Can I put my yardwaste out any other day of the week?
You can put yardwaste out any day of the week but the highway department will still only pick it up on scheduled days. The rest of the week is spent on road work.

What about leaves in the fall?
The highway department picks up leaves beginning the 1st Monday of November and continues throughout the end of the year weather permitting. Leaves can be placed in bags or cans and they must be left open or untied.

Am I on a regular route for yardwaste?
If you are in a rural area, you may not be a part of the scheduled weekly pickup. Please call or e-mail the department to verify your address if you live outside of the more populated areas. If you are outside the regularly scheduled service area a small truck will be dispatched to your address to provide you service.

Does the highway pick up any other kind of garbage?
No, the highway does not pick up any kind of garbage. This includes household items or construction debris of any kind.

Does the highway department do tree removal?
The Highway Department will take dead trees down that are within the Town’s Right of Way. The Town’s R.O.W. is 25 feet from the center of the road. If there are power lines nearby, NYSEG will need to be involved.


All programs free. New sluice pipes and pipe extensions installed for cost of materials only. Price is dependent upon size and length of pipe and will be determined prior to installation.

No Parking from 1 AM to 7 AM, from November 15 to April 15


Town of Chenango Residents,
NO PARKING from 1 AM to 7 AM on all Town and Country Roads and Right of Ways. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
Effective from November 15 to April 15.

Why Can’t I Plow Snow into the Roadway?
truck unloading pipes
ditch full of water
pipe placed on road
skid steer clearing mud
truck unloading pipes
ditch full of water
pipe placed on road
skid steer clearing mud
What is an Obstruction?

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